A look at my current setup (Mac)

Here’s a view of my dock, and below my current setup.


Communication: Adium (Google Talks) + Skype

Social Media: Tweetdeck

Browsing / Reading: Pocket & Chrome

Emailing: Sparrow (Gmail’s, both my personal inbox & the company’s)

Calender-ing (is this even a word?): BusyCal (which syncs with Google Calendars)


Evernote + Skitch

Alfred running in the background with Powerpack and workflows (This.)

Music & Podcasts: Spotify + iTunes

I’ll be digging into each app in more detail in future posts. Let me know if you’re particularly interested in some of the apps and methods i get around doing stuff.

Happy to hear from you too.

’til the next post, here’s a dancing Spiderman (with a bit of history) for you.



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