Early vs Growth Investing

After 3 years in venture I’ve come to appreciate the differences between operating and investing better, and the nuances between the different stages of investing in private, high growth, technology companies. There are many observations and lessons learned for sure that I might share in future posts, though here’re some points very well articulated byContinue reading “Early vs Growth Investing”

Coming full circle (2018 -> 2019)

In many ways, 2018 was defined by beginnings, and coming full circle. The biggest event has got to be welcoming our son, Xiang, into our lives. The moment I held him in my arms for the first time will probably be one of the happiest moments I will ever experience, and will carry through myContinue reading “Coming full circle (2018 -> 2019)”

“Live a World Class Life”

This is probably one of my favourite interviews so far on the Tim Ferriss show. There are many great sound bites from the conversation, so i’ll encourage you to give it a listen via the link here: https://tim.blog/2018/08/02/ann-miura-ko/ Some of my takeaways from the conversation (there are quite a few): Be world class in whatever itContinue reading ““Live a World Class Life””

Sequoia Capital’s Doug Leone on Luck & Taking Risks

What a great talk. Here are some personal takeaways for me: What makes Sequoia great? Team oriented spirit to help founders build great companies Only one investment away from being a second tier firm, hence don’t be complacent. “If you are desperate, it’s a great asset.” Look out for founders with “crystal clear thinking”. DougContinue reading “Sequoia Capital’s Doug Leone on Luck & Taking Risks”

How to Pitch a VC

Finally found the time to put this up. These are my slides from my keynote at Tech in Asia Jakarta 2017 (procrastinate much?). I plan on updating this soon with added commentary, in the meanwhile hope some of you might find it useful as a guide to kickstart your first institutional fundraising journey. How toContinue reading “How to Pitch a VC”

Why I Read

Pretty much summed up here: “Books have always been time machines, in a sense. Today, their time-machine powers are even more obvious – and even more inspiring. They can transport us to a pre-internet frame of mind. Those solitary journeys are all the more rich for their sudden strangeness.” A great piece here: I haveContinue reading “Why I Read”

Year One.

It’s been one year since I, like Harry Stebbings would describe in his podcast, stumbled into the wonderful world of VC. I couldn’t ask for a better set up and colleagues, in the likes of Michael and Gabriel , and the wonderful support and mentorship from the team at Jungle Ventures. I’ll like to share a few quickContinue reading “Year One.”

30 Things – 2017

10% into my next decade today. If there’s one word that i can use to describe 2016, in my own life and the state of affairs in the world, that will be ‘flux’. Throwing out some keywords here, in no order of priority and definitely some recall bias at work here: Brexit, Trump, A.I., CRISPR,Continue reading “30 Things – 2017”

Intellectual Honesty

Just read a very insightful blog post by Mark Suster (Why I Look for High Conviction, not Consensus, in Venture Capital Decisions) My biggest takeaway from the essay is around having the courage to build conviction and intellectual honesty around an investment opportunity. It’s relatively easy to understand if an investment opportunity is good orContinue reading “Intellectual Honesty”

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