Team, Product, Market, Economics.

If you think about it, every investment thesis from every VC firm is a combination of team, product, market and economics (of the deal). The supposed secret sauce, then, is how the firm prioritize and weight each element. Don Valentine from Sequoia Capital believed that you should look at big markets. Marc Andreesen, who coined theContinue reading “Team, Product, Market, Economics.”

Unknown unknowns

Hello world, 4 months+ into VC, I’m pretty much still in learning mode. With no previous background in VC the learning curve is as steep as it gets. In other words, I’m trying to reduce the number of unknown unknowns, and increase the number of known unknowns. By knowing what I don’t know, I willContinue reading “Unknown unknowns”

How to Read Productively

I recently listened to Bob Pozen’s interview on the HBR podcast series, and one of the concepts he mentioned which resonated with me was the concept of result focused reading. Two issues: Over the years, i’ve amassed a huge number of RSS feeds of blogs that i follow regularly, on various topics that i’m interestedContinue reading “How to Read Productively”

Tech tricks: Automate Note Creation Using Note Templates in Evernote

Do you use Evernote to create meeting notes? How about project notes? Or checklists for events/travels etc? I sure do – and soon enough, i began to find ways to automate the process. Turns out that the solution is fairly simple. The idea is to create templates of notes you create regularly, which you canContinue reading “Tech tricks: Automate Note Creation Using Note Templates in Evernote”

How i Organize My Evernote Notebooks (with GTD)

Evernote, for the past couple of years, has been the “mother-of-all-apps” that i’ve been running my life with. It’s not hard to see why: Evernote provides a native app (free) on almost all the devices you own (or will likely own in the future), synchronise its content across all these different platforms, and it’s deadContinue reading “How i Organize My Evernote Notebooks (with GTD)”

Tech Tricks: Convert PDF’s into Kindle readable format

The Kindle is a pretty amazing device. I personally own the Kindle Paperwhite (2012 edition), and have never been happier. If you read, this is one of the best (if not the best) ebook reader out in the market right now. One of the things i do on my Kindle is to read and digestContinue reading “Tech Tricks: Convert PDF’s into Kindle readable format”

A look at my current setup (Mac)

Here’s a view of my dock, and below my current setup. Communication: Adium (Google Talks) + Skype Social Media: Tweetdeck Browsing / Reading: Pocket & Chrome Emailing: Sparrow (Gmail’s, both my personal inbox & the company’s) Calender-ing (is this even a word?): BusyCal (which syncs with Google Calendars) Generally-running-my-life: Evernote + Skitch Alfred running in the background with Powerpack and workflows (This.)Continue reading “A look at my current setup (Mac)”

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