Hello World.

I feel as if this is an annual ritual, but here i am re-launching the blog again.

I promise this time it will be different. One of my new year resolutions is to start writing again, and to write consistently. Mostly because 2013 has been a fantastic year which led me to different places (both physical and metaphysical) by being in new countries, meeting new people and making new friends, learning tremendously and hopefully grown wiser.

I want to share these experiences and observations i had, and hopefully these will be helpful to you, dear reader, who’s currently reading this now. If you would, please leave comments, provide feedback, and i’ll love to have a conversation with you.

Also, this is mainly a space to store some of the recipes of my geekier pursuits, including, but not limited to, productivity hacks, app setups, workflows, and matters as such.

If you would indulge me, come stay awhile and listen.

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