This page is inspired by the NOW Movement and is an experiment for me to bring “status updates” back into control. At the same time as i grow older and have more responsibilities, I am more conscious of how I want to prioritise my time and attention. Derek Sivers explains it well here.

Feb 9, 2019

– Recently listened to an episode of Art of Manliness, where Cal Newport (of Deep Work fame) talked about the ideas behind digital minimalism, and social media vs the social web. Social media & screen time addiction is a topic that’s been weighing on my mind a lot lately, especially as i examine my own behaviour and try to model a positive behaviour for my very young son. I want to see if i can consciously disentangle myself from social media (primarily Facebook and Instagram) and observe what effects it will have on life, work and interactions with friends and family around me.

– As part of my work at SeedPlus, I’ve been spending time looking at how tech is impacting and re-organising real estate, insurance, human capital in Southeast Asia. Some of these topics directly relate to our portfolio companies that I spend time with, and others are potential new investment areas.

– Inspired by Angela Duckworth’s “Hard Thing Rule“, I am also planning to getting back to running and participate in a 21km half marathon end of the year. Before that though, I’ll need to fix the Os Trigonum in my right ankle (which means I’d need to reschedule my surgery, urgh).

– Still trying to find the will and the time to get off the ground.