Inspired by Patrick Collison of Stripe fame, I thought it’ll be interesting to capture a list of topics and questions that i ponder and read about.

I’ll keep adding to this list below, and links to corresponding resources (books, articles etc) relating to the topic.

As technology evolve, how will our children perceive and interact with each other and the world?

  • The screen time debate. Is there (and should there) be a distinction between active screen time where one is producing, and passive screen time (think endless scrolling on Instagram) where one is consuming? What are the relative effects of each on children?

What are the origin stories of people, companies and industries? I am particularly fascinated by the history of technology, venture and entrepreneurship.


  • Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson – Love him or loath him, Steve Jobs remain a highly impactful figure on the tech industry and the world at large, and Walter Isaacson did a fantastic job with this book.



  • This is a great podcast series detailing the rise of the Internet and the actors who played a part: The Internet History Podcast (Currently reading the book inspired by the podcast series: How the Internet Happened: From Netscape to the iPhone.)
  • This is a tome which details the origin of the venture capital industry in the US, drawing its start from the whaling industry (fascinating!), chronicling the formation of concepts in venture (Power Law!) through to the institutionalization of the industry right up to the Dot Com boom and bust. Check out the book here: VC: An American History.