Tech Tricks: Convert PDF’s into Kindle readable format

The Kindle is a pretty amazing device. I personally own the Kindle Paperwhite (2012 edition), and have never been happier. If you read, this is one of the best (if not the best) ebook reader out in the market right now.

One of the things i do on my Kindle is to read and digest personal documents. By personal documents i mean Word documents, PDF’s, HTML’s etc. (You can view the full list here). Amazon allows you to basically email these documents to a Kindle address, and magically it’ll appear on your device. To set this up, see here.

However you will realise that for PDF’s, the Kindle will display the document as-is – meaning the format will be retained. If the font size is small, you’ll have a hard time scrolling and reading the content. Here’s how it looks:


Looks awful, right?

Now here’s the neat trick:

When sending the document to your personal Kindle address, type the word “convert” in the¬†subject line. Nothing else, just the word “convert”. What this does is that Amazon will convert whatever format the document is in, into a Kindle readable format. Here’s how it looks post conversion:


Pretty nifty, eh?

Comment below if you know of other neat tricks for the Kindle, or if you use it in some interesting ways. I’m always looking forward to learn more.

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