2023 – Year of the Rabbit

The lunar new year is one of my favourite festivities and it’s especially nice this year when it feels like we have moved past the pandemic. I love seeing friends and families being able to gather, happy and smiling faces all around. Even though it’s been raining in Singapore for most of the past week but spirits were high.

Updated my Apple Watch face to soak in the festivities.

Life is short and our time on this earth is rather limited. Maybe it’s me growing older but I am more and more picky with who I spend time with. When it comes to relationships, deep, quality time over quantity is what I prefer these days.

At Forge, we adopt a similar operating principle when it comes to making investment decisions and choosing which opportunities to pursue. One of the most difficult things in the venture business is just that; making great decisions. I believe there are many good opportunities, but great opportunities are hard to come by and most of the time good is just not great.

Here’s wishing everyone a great 2023 ahead!






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