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I love hanging out at the intersection between technology, entrepreneurship and venture. I am a partner and cofounder of Forge Ventures, a seed VC in Southeast Asia. Previously, I was a partner and founding team member at SeedPlus, a seed fund in Southeast Asia. Take a look at my investment portfolio at my AngelList profile.

I previously launched and led market development efforts for Evernote in Asia Pacific, while running the Singapore office.

I’ve worked on product management, business development and marketing management as part of a start-up team in Singapore. We dealt with mobile applications & payments, during the Cambrian explosion of apps & app stores. Unfortunately we were as short lived as Microsoft’s ill fated Windows Phone experiment. :)

In my past life, I was a medical device engineer in California. In my free time, I tinker with web / mobile coding + writing random snippets of scripts, but mostly good at breaking stuff instead of fixing things.

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    Retro is the new black

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