(Update: January 10, 2023)

This is a collection of on-going explorations into different questions and areas. Some of the questions are inspired by Neo Zhang who writes a brilliant newsletter, Platform Thinking Plus (check it out here).

Origin Stories

What are the origin stories of people, companies and industries? I am particularly fascinated by the history of technology, venture and entrepreneurship.

Technology and Media

As technology & media evolve, how will we and our children perceive and interact with each other and the world?

  • The screen time debate. Is there (and should there) be a distinction between active screen time where one is producing, and passive screen time (think endless scrolling on Instagram) where one is consuming? What are the relative effects of each on children?

Parenting and Fatherhood

On some levels this is my personal “immortality project”.

Learning and Thinking

This relates to the on-going effort of building and optimising my personal I/O and operating system.

Economics, Finance and Investments

An inquiry into how money flows & how economies function.

Nations, Cities and Globalisation

Getting a deeper understanding of how the world works, the underlying “operating system” and our place in the larger scheme of things.

Humanity and Happiness

Who we are individually and collectively

Venture & Entrepreneurship

Everything about and in between start-ups, venture capital and entrepreneurship.