No matter if the company is big or small, resources are always scarce and limited. In fact with limited resources it helps start-up to focus and have clarity on goals and milestones i.e. if you only have one bullet left, which target will you aim your shot at?

Rather not give generic advise or commentary, since it’s highly dependent on the unique space & time in which the start-up operates in, also dependent on product/service & market dynamics.

That being said, for internet / digital products distribution cost is almost negligible, and entering a new market is mostly a function of lowering the friction of adoption (payments, language, platform availability etc) and increasing the demand generation (awareness, community building, PR, media etc). Both of which entail allocating resources. Again if you only have a given set of resources, which lever should you pull to ensure that you move the needle?

That is why I don’t generally subscribe to the “..because Google can enter the Indonesian market tomorrow” argument therefore it’s easier for them to do it. If you can throw money to make problems go away, they world will be an easier place to operate in, no? ;)






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