Why I Read

Pretty much summed up here:

“Books have always been time machines, in a sense. Today, their time-machine powers are even more obvious – and even more inspiring. They can transport us to a pre-internet frame of mind. Those solitary journeys are all the more rich for their sudden strangeness.”

A great piece here: I have forgotten how to read

To me, it’s about practising mindfulness and being conscious on focusing my attention. We do live in an increasingly distracted world, the tweets, the posts, the timeline, notifications, little red alerts, chat bubbles and talking heads.. Endless little attention grabbers gnawing at your attention span. I believe this situation is especially pronounce in tech and venture, empirically speaking.

My strategy is helping me develop mindfulness:

1. I read two books in parallel, one fiction and one non-fiction, a chapter each day.
2. Daily meditation in the morning. Headspace is my app of choice.
3. Run. I try to run two to three times a week, clocking 6km ~ 7km each session. Clears my mind with what i dubbed “active meditation”.

I believe in this increasingly noisy world, mindfulness isn’t just crucial for well-being, it can also be a very real competitive advantage. To be able to do great, deep work, mindfulness and focus is key.






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